PYP Portraits, LLC. | Why Choose PYP Portraits, LLC.?

Why Choose PYP Portraits, LLC?


Deciding on which photographer to go with can be a daunting task.   Whether your needs are for a Wedding, Maternity shoot, Senior portraits, Family Shoot or more, you will want a photographer who can capture the essence and mood of your shoot.   At PYP, we not only focus on the technical aspect of photography, but we also take great care to capture our subjects beautiful emotions to freeze a memorable moment in time.  PYP truly cares about its customers. 


What makes PYP unique?

At PYP, we offer you quality portraits at an incredible value.  Here, are the top 5 things that make PYP unique. 


1.  Passion

As founder and lead photographer at PYP, Justine Gallien is passionate about photography and capturing the beautiful moments in her client’s life.  She understands that your special moments only happen once, but portraits help memories last for a lifetime.


2.  Quality

PYP always strives for creating breathtaking images that are natural and vibrant. PYP’s experience is evident in all of its work. There is no comparison between the PYP experience and your average joe.


3.  Flexibility and Customization

As a client-driven business, PYP guarantees that you will be able to communicate your vision for each photography session.  Whether it’s bringing your own props or choosing a unique location for your shoot, PYP loves to incorporate your ideas to create unique images.


4.  Professional Digital Editing

At PYP, we go above and beyond to create professional quality images that are vibrant and full of life. We do not just shoot and print.  Our work after each photo session involves many hours of digital editing.  Every image is carefully digitally enhanced to remove imperfections and to create the ideal lighting, color balance and more. 


 5.   Creativity

PYP brings more than just a professional quality camera to each shoot.  Lead photographer, Justine Gallien, is always ready to incorporate new poses, ideas, props and other things into each session to create unique photos that are guaranteed to stand out.  You do not have to worry about your session looking like any one else’s (including her past and future customers). Your session will be like no other.  The great thing about PYP is that even though she encourages you to bring your ideas to the table, PYP is also bursting with plenty of ideas to help create memorable and unique images that you will love.



Choosing the right photographer is a huge investment.  At PYP, you get not only the credible, dependable and professional services that you would find in a chain store, but you will also receive the patient, personal, and pleasant experience you can only get from a private professional photographer.   The no rushed, one-on-one attention you find at PYP will help you to relax and truly get into the mood for any session.   Our experienced photographer will help guide you throughout the session.


At PYP, you can rest assured that we are working with professional quality equipment, including cameras, lighting equipment, lenses, and more, to achieve the maximum professional quality images for your work.  We are always acquiring new equipment and learning new techniques to keep up with the fast-paced and cutting-edge technology required of a professional photographer.


Justine (as PYP) has won numerous awards for her outstanding images and has earned a reputation of being one of her community’s top photographers.  PYP is the photographer of choice for professionals, couples, families and individuals, and our clients are always happy. In fact, most new clients have learned about PYP thanks to our happy and loyal customers and their beautiful images shared to family and friend.  We at PYP sincerely appreciate the word of mouth referrals and look forward to creating more happy and loyal customers.


PYP offers quality, affordable pricing. We specialize in all forms of photography and portraits including Wedding Photography, Party and Event Photography, Maternity Portraits, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, Engagement Portraits, Infant and Children’s Portraits, Pet Portraits, Engagement Portraits, Business Portraits, and more. 


PYP has a wide variety of products and services for you to choose from.  Click this link to check out PYP’s Pricing and Portrait options.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for on our website, please contact PYP so we can help customize the experience you want.


Capturing beautiful portraits involves more than having a great camera.  Please trust your precious moments in life to a professional and proven photography business.  At PYP, you get higher quality service, experience and images from a learned professional.