Our Principles

      At PYP, we focus not only on the technical aspects of photography but also emotion and energy to freeze a moment in time. We give you high quality portraits for an incredible value.  

 1. Convey Passion

     As founder and lead photographer at PYP, Justine Gallien lives for capturing the beautiful moments in her clients' lives. Justine's passion for photography jumps out of every picture she takes.  She recognizes that your special moments happen once, but portraits last a lifetime.

2. Exude Authenticity

     At PYP, you get not only the professional services that you would find in a chain studio, but also the patient and pleasant experience you can only get from a private photographer. We strive to create breathtaking images that are genuine, vibrant, and full of life.

     Justine understand it takes more than a quality camera to be a professional photographer. She is certified by Professional Photographers of America and has won numerous awards for her stunning images.

     PYP’s work extends beyond the portrait session.  Every image includes Intelligent Enhancement: PYP’s smart digital edit that enhances each image’s natural beauty without losing its authenticity. Intelligent Enhancement may include micro retouching, light correction, background polishing, flyaway reduction, blemish treatment, eye and teeth whitening, and more. With Intelligent Enhancement, your true beauty shines through.


3.  Personalized Experience

     As a client-driven business, your vision guides each photography session.  Bring your own props or choose a unique location for your shoot. PYP incorporates your ideas to create unique images.

     PYP offers customized photography packages for your life events, including Wedding, Maternity, Family, Seniors, Engagements, Infant and Children, Pets, Headshots, Events, and more.  Click here for PYP’s Portrait options.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact PYP so we can customize the experience you want.

4.  Invoke Charm
     PYP’s images rekindle the spirit of the moments they capture. A quirky smile, a soft touch, or a whisper, those small details come to life in PYP’s captivating images.  

 5.   Inspired Creativity
     Your session will be like no other.  Although PYP encourages you to bring your ideas to the table, Justine is always bursting with ideas to create unique, memorable images you will treasure forever. With fresh poses and props, your photos are guaranteed to stand out.