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Justine Gallien is 34 years old and is the mother of 6 amazing, beautiful children who mean the world to her. They are who inspire her to keep pushing harder and aiming for greatness so that she can show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to. She started her photography journey 7 years ago; she has since become a certified, award-winning, and published photographer. Her goal is to capture the beauty of what she is photographing as she sees it when she is behind the camera.

Justine is a self-taught photographer, who spent the first few years researching the basics of photography. Knowing that her craft can always be polished, Justine continues to acquire both long-standing and cutting-edge skills, techniques and equipment to improve her work.

Justine credits her success, in part, to joining some amazing organizations, which include The Professional Photographers of America (PPA), The Professional Photographers of Louisiana (PPLA), Southwest Professional Photographers Association, and the Lafayette Photographic Society.


Since joining the organizations like PPA and PPLA, she has aligned herself with an amazing network of awesome photographers, across the country and across Louisiana, who have taught her valuable information that enables her work to considerably improve.

Justine currently has a seat on the Board Of Directors of PPLA and actively serves on three other committees in PPLA (Hospitality, Party, Events & Decorations), Props, Models, and Equipment), and (Photographic Exhibition & Competition).

As a PPA & PPLA member, Justine has entered competitions in which nationally renowned Master Photographers judge her work.

In 2016, at the PPLA Spring Convention, her image "One Leg Up" was awarded The Judges Choice Award and also was awarded First Place. Her images "There's Nowhere To Go", "Depths Of My Heart", and "Coming Out Of My Shell" were all awarded A Distinguished Print Award.

In 2016, at the PPLA State Convention, "Depths Of My Heart" was awarded 1st Place

In 2016, at The PPA International Print Competition, her images "There's No Place To Go" and "One Leg Up" both received a Merit.

In 2014, Justine's print entitled, "What Are You Looking At?" was awarded the 2014 People's Choice (Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Elsas) Award. Five of her images were chosen for the honor exhibition at The 65th Annual State Convention,3 of Justine's images received the Court of Honor, which is a merit by the Professional Photographers of Louisiana!

Justine invites everyone along to share her journey! She thanks everyone for their continued support and for allowing her to create amazing images for them that will last for generations to come!

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